Men's Ministry

Time set aside for men to encourage and be encouraged.


The church has an active men's ministry that gathers regularly during the year. Men's ministry gives an opportunity for the men of the church to pray, support each other and discuss the issues that Christian men face.

Through teaching, discipleship, socials and prayer our aim is to become strong men of faith. We have various events including curry and beer nights, sports days and breakfasts.

Our men meet together monthly on the third Friday of each month. The evening is generally split into three parts. We will do an activity together e.g. Golf, Pool, Wall climbing, Go karting, Badminton; then head for a drink and chat in a local pub; the evening then normally finishes with a curry. Men are welcome to attend a part or all of the evening. We generally have about 15 men attend each evening but have about 30 men on our ‘txt’ list.

There will be also be opportunities in each year for our men’s group to hear about the Good News of Jesus. This is generally in the form of a guest speaker. We also have a day out to the ‘Northern Men’s Convention’ .

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