Meet us

Anyone is welcome at St Simon’s. We love it that we are a church where all ages get together. Here are some of the people you might meet on a Sunday and a little bit of the story of how they came to be part of the church.

profilepicDavid Whitehouse – Minister
David is married to Gaynor and they have three children, Naomi, Lydia and Reuben. They moved to Southport in 2010. David became a Christian whilst growing up in Manchester and for many years was involved in teaching the Bible to children and young people. He enjoys getting out to the hills and pretending to be able to cook.

David writes: “There is nothing better than coming to know Jesus Christ, and St Simon’s is full of people who have helped me to get to know him better.”

profilepicBecky – one of our children’s leaders
Becky has been working at the Southport Christian Book Centre and cafe after finishing her A levels at college. Currently taking a couple of years out from education she has been getting involved with youth-club, Sunday school and Girls Brigade. When she’s not too busy she enjoys being active, getting a little too competitive can often be the case.

Becky writes: “After accepting Jesus into my life I’ve never looked back, it felt like starting a new life with a new me! Having a church family means a lot to me, it’s great to know so many different people who are sharing the same faith as me!”

profilepicBarry – retired Church Warden
Barry has been married to Jean for 50 years, and has 2 children and 4 grandchildren that help to keep him young. Having retired from the fire service, you’ll now find him enjoying his fantastic garden.

Barry writes: “40 years ago Jesus knocked on the door of my life. I asked him in. The greatest guest that could ever be is still here, and we’re both happy.”

profilepicAlex – one of our young mums
Alex is married to Peter and they have two young boys and a new baby girl,  who keep them very busy. She is a nurse who enjoys the outdoors along with being a Brownie leader.

Alex writes: “I was brought up in a Christian family, but a year ago I truly came to know and love Jesus. We then joined St. Simons where we have been made to feel like part of their family and with their help we are developing our relationship with Christ.”